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Audio Mastering

Welcome to Mr. Toad's Recording. We specialize in Audio Mastering and Tape Transfers. Our facility transferred over 3000 tapes to digital in the last year alone!

When we say tape, we mean anything that plays from one reel to another, whether analog or digital, common or once ultra-elite equipment. Our analog facility supports nearly every tape recording format ever made, multiple formats of noise reduction, 24 channels of Mytek 24/96 A/D conversion and a complete restoration department, for tapes that won't play or need repair.

Our digital department offers calibrated DAT transfers as standard procedure, to assure the very best quality playback of these tapes. Our Alesis/Studer-designed ADAT M-20s are the only professional version of the machine ever made. 1630, PCM-F1, 3402, 3348 Sony (and their Studer equivalent) formats are among the more esoteric formats we support. We can still read floppy disks, jaz and zip drives and laserdiscs! No matter what computer and software platform you're working on, we can deliver your entire project in a readable setup file on DVD or hard drive.

When the transfer is complete, our mastering department can polish your material for the highest fidelity playback - at reasonable prices. With advanced software and precision monitoring, our engineers can guide your project to become the best sounding it can be. We've mastered thousands of records (CDs, DVDs, whatever you call 'em...) in the last 10 years and hope to work on yours in the near future.

* We no longer offer CD and DVD duplication or replication services. Sorry but we've gotten too busy with the engineering. If you need to talk to us about getting any elements from a past CD or DVD job back just email us. *

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